Artashes Boyajian (artashes98) wrote,
Artashes Boyajian

Miss N and Levon Ter-Petrossian

Навеяно одной симпатичной (во всех других отношениях) девушкой...

I have a difficult time understanding some apparently decent people. How is it possible for an honest person to respect the first president of Armenia?? It bothers me... I am not morally bothered when the thousands of sycophants and Dodo types suck up to the current authorities, or when HHSh remnants, Grzo types and one part of primitive/naive/stupid people agitate for LTP, or when another part of those people was flocking to worship the "King" Karen Demirchyan in 1998, etc., etc. Of course, it saddens me immensely that the majority of my ancient and tortured nation is void of wisdom and self-respect but I have learned not to be bothered by it morally, especially that the majorities of ALL nations on earth are exactly the same, in my not so humble opinion.

But when an otherwise nice, smart and decent young woman with noble instincts unquestioningly and uncritically supports Levon Ter-Petrossian, I am disturbed. I see no rational explanation for it. And I don't want to believe that the true explanation is her quasi-religious indoctrination (or zombification, in harsher terms).

Indeed, in the most objective and unemotional analysis of Levon Ter-Petrossian's presidency (and his time in power IS the major criterion by which he is being judged today, both by his supporters and critics) it is very difficult to find any real achievements in 
1) building a democratic state, with institutional separation of powers and functional checks and balances;
2) establishing (in reality, not on paper) a basically fair and transparent system of economic regulations (rules of competition, antimonopoly laws, etc. - what is called a "free market" in the Western countries and to which his regime nominally subscribed);
3) promoting the rule of law and the respect of dignity and essential rights of Armenian citizens.

I deem these failures historic. Why? Because after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of an unprecedented national movement there was a brief window of opportunity to really move Armenia in the above-mentioned direction. The nation was transformed, idealistic, and receptive to change, and the popularly and fairly elected leaders had all the legitimacy and power to implement that change. Instead, Armenia under Levon Ter-Petrossian steadily moved in the authoritarian direction of concentration of power and capital and the disregard of human rights and dignity. Eventually it became just a typical post-Soviet soft-authoritarian country much like, say, Kazakhstan today. But Kazakhstan and the like never had that window of opportunity! And that is what's historic: at the crucial time we went backward instead of accomplishing a possible breakthrough! The responsibility for that monumental and historic failure is largely on the shoulders of Levon Ter-Petrossian and the top state leadership of Armenia. I don't think that breakthrough is possible now. The window has closed...

This is the reason I am morally disturbed when otherwise mature decent people support Levon Ter-Petrossian  now.
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