Artashes Boyajian (artashes98) wrote,
Artashes Boyajian

At this very point in time!!!

I am seeing on TV hundreds of thousands of people converging in Chicago, Barack Obama's campaign headquarters, with predictions of half a million being there by late night!! It is an incredible scenery reminiscent of 1988 demonstrations in Yerevan!! I am seeing people completely occupying the Time Square in New York and following the election updates there on TV screens! At this very point in time Pennsylvania and Ohio are projected to be won by Barack Obama, which makes him almost (ALMOST) the next president of the United States!!!
Let this be a victory of intelligence over arrogance, of responsibility over recklessness, of decency over shameful fear-mongering!!!!
The world needs a positive and respectful attitude from America, for a change. "Change we can believe in!" :):):)
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