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Just as I remembered!

Below are the quotes from the former Foreign Affairs Minister of NKR Naira Melkoumian (the webpage is written in about 2000, apparently). I am really getting annoyed at modern liars who talk about "liberated Armenian territories". There was no talk of "liberation" in 1993-94 when those lands were taken, only of occupation of the strategic buffer zone that could be returned to Azerbaijan as a part of the final deal. And here is the position of Karabakh authorities as late after the war as some ten years ago:

"In November 1998, the OSCE proposed "a common state" as a new basis for negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Naira Melkoumian, foreign minister of Karabagh's self-declared Republic, explains its rationale: "We want to create a common state on the former territory of Soviet Azerbaijan, in which relations between Karabagh and Baku are horizontal rather than subordinate." Accepting that such an entity would enjoy "something between autonomy and independence," she continued, "the world need not recognize Karabagh as a state. But Azerbaijan must recognize our right to determine our own laws, political system and, above all, our own defense."

This might facilitate a mutual repatriation of refugees to Armenia and Azerbaijan. As for the Azeri territories Karabagh now occupies, these, too, can be returned, except for those linking the enclave to Armenia proper, says Melkoumian. Political leaders in Yerevan are even more accommodating. Aside from the issue of security for Karabagh's Armenians, "everything is negotiable," says Anahit Mirzoyan, an aide to President Korcharian."

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