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artashes98's Journal

Жить не по лжи...

Artashes Boyajian
5 February 1970
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I live in Yerevan, Armenia. Until June 2011 I was residing in the US, most recently in Seattle, WA, working as an instructor of political science at the Highline Community College. I have lived first 24 years of my life in Armenia, then 1 year in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and then 16 years in the US (first five in Memphis, TN, and then, in 2000-2011, in Seattle, WA). Have two Master's degrees in Political Science from the University of Memphis and the University of Washington, and have completed my coursework and passed the comprehensive exams for PhD at UW (but haven't written the dissertation).
Citizen of Armenia. Single, straight. Honest and moody (girls don't like either quality: yes, especially the first one! :)). Not very social but with a sense of humor. Like teaching a lot. Like playing chess and table tennis (both above average but not too good).
For an international graduate student and then a college instructor [my only capacities in the US] America was a GREAT country, very welcoming and non-discriminating. Practically never been in tough neighborhoods or the corridors of power to have the first-hand knowledge of crooks. :) Still consider Holland one of the freest and most advanced countries in the world (and am saddened about the ongoing escalation of tensions there)! But there is, and will be, only one country on this planet for which my heart bleeds, aches, and soars - my tiny, beautiful, and struggling Armenia!

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